Lightweight Portable Ceiling Lifters - Use on one or many rails

P-440 Portable Ceiling Lift
Unique and innovative, the stylish P-440 stretches the boundaries of portable patient ceiling lifts.

The P-440 has been designed with a full set of standard features that can be safely operated by a single caregiver.
Designed to be lightweight and portable, the P-440 is easy to hold and is capable of lifting up to 440 lbs.
Additionally, the P-440 offers a wide range of safety mechanisms to assure further confidence throughout handling.

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Permanently Mounted Ceiling Systems - For independent use or with carers
Freestanding Gantry Systems - When you can't attach to ceilings or wish to regularly relocate

Borealis C Series Permanent Mounted Ceiling Hoist

Advanced lifter including modern stylish design. 204kg or 283kg Capacity Digital display for battery levels & lift status.

Emergency powered lowering. Emergency manual raising and lowering.
Return to charge standard with powered traverse

Sequoia Freestanding gantry For use with a portable lifter only.

Expands in width from 1727 – 2743mm to cover either a single or double bed.
Expands in height from 2057 – 2667mm fit under low ceilings or extra height.
Very stable, dimensions of foot 305mm wide 965mm long
Capacity 181 kg Made from lightweight aluminium, weight of 8 pieces is just 41

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Attractive Slimline Tracking and Accessories for any layout requirement
We can design a solution to meet every need.
XY systems, 90° and 45° curves, turntables, switch tracks, the ability
to connect rails or move safely from an XY traverse to single rail. We
can retro fit virtually any type of ceiling and also wall mount the rail.
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Ceiling Lifter Track - Track Installation Accessories
Comfortable and Functional Slings for all needs
An extensive range of slings and sizes to meet all needs.

Universal slings of mesh for bathing or the very comfortable padded sling. With or without head support.

Hygiene; hammock, positioning, walking, rehabilitation standing slings.

Sizes XS - S - M - L - XL - XXL to 368kg capacity

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